Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Registration Site for over 300 Small Works Rosters

Important Press Release for contractors, vendors interested in gaining access to Small Works Rosters:  319 WA Government Agencies Use MRSC Rosters to Contact Business

Cities, Counties and Districts across the State Notify Business of Public Works Opportunities

Seattle, WA – January 7, 2013.

Businesses can now register with local governments in one location to become eligible for small to medium-sized public works project notifications. Traditionally, a business needed to complete separate, yet identical, applications for each public agency they would like to work with, but now businesses simply complete one, free application in the MRSC Rosters database to register with multiple agencies in Benton County or throughout Washington State.

The streamlined application process in MRSC Rosters, at www.mrscrosters.org, saves businesses time, allows them to directly learn about job opportunities, and supports public agencies in more efficiently completing quality projects.

Not all Spokane Area Agencies Participate
319 Washington cities, counties, and special purpose districts use MRSC Rosters, including 143 Cities, 11 County Governments, 46 Fire Districts, 25 School Districts, 14 Ports, and 30 water/sewer districts. A full list of participating public agencies can be found athttp://mrscrosters.org/PartAgencies.aspx.

MRSC Rosters is a program of Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC), a non-profit organization that has been serving Washington local governments for more than 75 years. As recognized local government experts, MRSC has developed a statute-based roster service that maintains public agency individual small public works rosters (RCW 39.04.155) and consultant rosters (Chapter 39.80) within a shared database and assists businesses with the roster application process.

Businesses apply at anytime by completing the application within www.mrscrosters.org. It is free to register on one or many of the participating public agency rosters within the database using the default Basic Membership. The listing gives businesses the opportunity to be notified about public works construction, repair, or maintenance projects under $300,000.00 or small to medium sized architecture, engineering, surveying, or other consulting professional services projects.

Public agencies contract with MRSC for a nominal annual membership fee from $120/yr for public agencies with total capital expenditures under $5 million. More information can be found at http://www.mrscrosters.org/agency.aspx. Agencies follow the same contracting procedures they would if they maintained their own rosters and MRSC has no involvement in business selection.

For more information, please contact MRSC Rosters Manager Ellen Hutchinson atejh@mrsc.org.

Contact:  Ellen Hutchinson, MRSC Rosters Manager                    
Telephone: 206.625.1300
Email:  ejh@mrsc.org
Website:  www.mrscrosters.org
Address: 2601 Fourth Avenue, Suite 800, Seattle, WA 98121-1280
Organization: Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington