Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tacoma SBDC Advisor helps clients secure $6.5 million-plus in capital investment

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) not only has a center in Spokane, but covers Washington state and is part of a bigger national network.  

Each year at our state conference, our colleagues throughout the state are honored for economic development efforts and client successes such as capital investment, loans acquired, jobs created and retained and business starts.  We strive to become members of the Million Dollar, Five Million and 100 Jobs Clubs. 

Rodenberg (left) with
former State Director Brett Rogers
Our colleague in Tacoma, John Rodenberg, had an exceptional year, aiding clients in securing over $6.5 million in business loans or capital investment, bringing his total career capital acquisition to over $33 million.  He was recently featured in the Tacoma Business Tribune, read the full article here.

Last year in the Spokane region, the two advisors worked with 211 clients, helped clients acquire over $1.3 million in capital investment and their clients accounted for over 70 jobs created or retained.

2013 Washington State SBDC Results
Clients Served
Advising Hours
Capital Infusion
$37.1 million
Jobs Created or Saved
Business Started
Estimated Sales Impact
$13.6 million